Q. How long does it take for sightseeing

Roughly, it take about 2-3 hours to walk around the village

Q. Shuttle bus to the observatory

It runs back and forth every 20 minutes from 10:00 to 14:40 every day. 
Departure: 00; 20 ; 40. Return: 10; 30; 50 on the clock.
The fare is 200 yen one way, pay in the bus (cash only).

※ Break at 12 o'clock, resume to run operate again from 13:00
※ Shuttle bus departure spot is in front of Wada house 

For more detail こちら

Q. Facility admission fee

To walk around the village is no admission fee. However if you would like to visit inside of some facility, the admission fee is equired.
Each facility cost 300-400 yen per person, only the open-air museum is cost 600 yen per person. Click here for details こちら

Q. Is there a sightseeing bus in the village?

There is no sightseeing bus, you may only sightseeing on foots (Only shuttle bus to the observatory).
However, the village is in walking range. All sightseeing spot/facilities are within walking distance.  

Q. About trash can in the village

Consider environmental protection and better scenery of the village, there is no trash can installed in the village. We apologize for the inconvenience
Please return it to the store where you purchased or take it home. Thank you very much

Q. Luggage storage

There are coin locker at Shirakawago Bus Terminal (From 08:00 to 17:00).
Small and medium size: 500 yen per box for each using time
Large size: 1,000 yen per box for each using time

Alternatively, there also a luggage storage service just next to Shirakawago bus terminal as well (untill 17:00).

Q. Umbrella for sale

If needed, Umbrellas and raincoats are sale at Shirakawago Bus Terminal (500yen each)

Q. Wheelchair service

Free of charge wheelchair are available.
2 unit at Shirakawago Bus Terminals
4 units at Seseragi parking lot information center

Q. Money exchange

There is automatic exchange machine at Shirakawago bus terminal.
12 currencies be into Japanese Yen is available:
US dollar / Euro / British pound / Australian dollar / Chinese yuan / Korean won / Hong Kong dollar / Taiwan dollar / Indonesian rupiah / Thai baht / Singapore dollar / Malaysian ringgit

Q. Guide service

Please refer to this page

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