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Doburoku festival



Every year in Shirakawa-go, the “Doburoku Festival” is held every year from the end of September to October, praying for the god of the mountains, the richness of harvest, the security of the house and the peace of the village.

In Shirakawa-go, where shrines in each area of Shirakawa village are devoted to sacred works such as Doburoku ceremony, Lion dance, folk songs and dances related to local history.

Taste Doburoku

Doburoku is the name of local Sake. It was produced in the shrine’s wine-making workshop in the late January of each year according to the method passed down in ancient times, and served only during the festival.

On the day of the Doburoku festival, the ritual ceremony began at 3 pm. After completing the “turbid Doburoku sacrifice ceremony” dedicated to the shrine, everyone will transfer the “Doburoku” from the large casks used in the ceremony to the wine container called “Kitate”, and then the women will use ” Kitate pour Doburoku into the cups of all the guests present, let everyone enjoy the traditional Doburoku . It is said that since the Year of the Wato (about 1300 years ago), “Doburoku” has been used for ritual activities.

Folk songs of Shirakawa village

During the Doburoku festival, you can enjoy many traditional folk songs, such as the famous folk song in Shirakawa-go is “Kotaijin”. In japanese “Kotaijin” means that the child is the most important. There will be corresponding traditional dance performances while singing the folk songs. Although each shrine will perform the same folk songs, but the dances of each shrine is slightly different.

[Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine]The 14th-15th October 2019:South of Ogimachi[Hatogaya Hachiman shrine]The 16th – 17th October 2019:Near by the Eneos Gas station [Iijima Hachiman Shrine]The 18th – 19th October 2019:Opposite of the Shirakawa-go road station
[Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine] South of Ogimachi[Hatogaya Hachiman shrine ] Near by the Eneos Gas station [Iijima Hachiman Shrine]Opposite of the Shirakawa-go road station
[8:00~] : Sacred ceremonies in the shrine
[9:00~] Parade: along the village
[15:00~] Doburoku ceremony: in the shrine
[15:30~17:00] Doburoku tasting: in the shrine / Spring Festival Folk Song Performance: In the Shrine
[19:00~] Lion Dance: In the Shrine
[20:00~] traditional performance: in the shrine
※Spring Festival Folk Song Performance only at Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine.
※The schedule and contents vary for each shrine.

•For the visitor who come by car, parking is available at Seseragi parking lot. We will guide you to the temporary parking lot if Seseragi parking is full.
During the festival, the village will be restricted by traffic. Visitors arriving by car are advised to check road traffic information in advance.
•Each shrine has a parking lot for visitor during the Doburoku festival. Please follow the signs and the instruction of our staff.
•Each shrine has a parking lot for visitor during the Doburoku festival. Please follow the signs and the instruction of our staff.
•Some of the tourist facilities and tourist information center might be closed during the Doburoku festival.
※The above is the reference information. Please note that we will update from time to time.