The 37th "Shirakawa-go Light-up Event 2023" is coming soon. ✨

Event schedule:
2023 January 15 (Sun),January 22 (Sun),January 29 (Sun)
 February 5 (Sun),February 12 (Sun),February 19 (Sun)
Place: Shirakawa Village Ogimachi area
Event duration: 17:30~19:30

To all the guests who are willing to attend the 2023 Shirakawa-go light-up event:

Attend the 2023 Shirakawa-go light-up event is by reservation only. The guests who have not made a reservation will not be able to enter the village or join the event during the light-up period.
If you would like to visit the village and join the event during the event period, please make the reservation in advance .

・If you choose to come by car, you need to reserve a parking lot to attend the light-up event.

・Reservations are required for the guest who willing to stay overnight on the light-up event day.

・If you come by light-up tour bus(operated by bus company), you need to reserve the tour in advance.

・If you come by highway bus, we suggest you to confirm your bus schedule in advance(The highway bus will not operated during the light-up period:17:30~19:30).

2023 The 15th Jan (Sun.),The 22th Jan (Sun.),The 29th Jan (Sun.)
2023 The 5th Feb (Sun.),The 12th Feb (Sun.),The 19th Feb (Sun.)
More details about the light up event is as below.
Contact: Shirakawa-go Light-up Committee (in Shirakawa-go Tourist Association) 
   TEL: +81-5769-6-1013  Email: info-e@shirakawa-go.gr.jp
Please enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Gassho Village in winter night.

We look forward to seeing you soon. ⛄✨🎵


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