Rules of Visitors

Although Shirakawa-go is designated as a World Heritage Site it is also a living village where people spend their daily lives. Please respect the privacy of the village’s residents. Also,please observe the following rules so that the village will remain beautiful.

1.Do not litter or bring trash into the village!

(There are no public trash cans. Please take your own trash with you. Return fast food packaging to the restaurant where you purchased the food.)

2.Take extra caution to prevent fire

(Gassho style houses can catch on fire easily. Smoking is allowed only within designated areas. Do not discard cigarettes butts or smoke while walking. Making a fire or setting off fireworks in the village is strictly prohibited. )

3.Protect the natural environment

(Do not take any plants home from Shirakawa-go. Respect the natural environment and help us protect it. )

4.Respect the privacy of residents

(People are living in the village. Please refrain from entering private land,gardens or open doors of the houses. Also, do not pick wild and/or cultivated flowers and plants and plants or remove produce from the gardens.)

5.Use public restrooms and lavatories

(Use designated public restrooms only. Using the bathroom in other than public rest rooms is strictly prohibited.)

6.Camping is prohibited

(Camping in the World Heritage Camp Ground and Shirakawa Camp site are available for use by the public.

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