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Shirakawa-go light up event in 2020:update 1st Dec


◎Important Notices

Only reservation guest can join the light-up event.
Buses, including micro bus as well as regular vehicle (less than 10 seat)  must have permission letter we sent after reservation.

Buses and other vehicle without permission are not be able to attend the Light-up .It is prohibited to park your vehicle somewhere in village’s venue/vicinity or to stop for get on/off as well.

The Shirakawago Light-up Committee will strictly take following action for violation vehicle.

  • Fined 50,000 yen per bus including micro bus. 20,000 yen per regular vehicle.
  • Permanent ban on visiting Shirakawa-go Light up event (All affiliates and group).
  • Disclosure of the violator’s name on our public website. As well as company name. 

None-reservation buses are allowed to use Seseragi parking lot, available until 17:00. Please ensure to call all your customers back to the bus and leave the parking before 17:00.

For non-reservation regular vehicle (less than 10 seat) are allowed to use Seseragi parking, available until 15:00. If Seseragi parking is full, please go to Terao parking (if Terao still available) but please leave the parking both Seseragi and Terao before 15:00

Please be informed, the police patrolled the village during the lighting event, handling illegal vehicles and preventing violations.

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Event Dates

The 2020 light-up events will be held six times. shirakawago

Times Event Dates Light-up Time
1st January 13 (Mon) 5:30pm – 7:30pm
2nd January 19 (Sun)
3rd January 26 (Sun)
4th February 2 (Sun)
5th February 9 (Sun)
6th February 16 (Sun)

*Jan 13th is a public holiday in Japan. Shirakawago

Participation Methods

*All guests need to make a reservation in advance to join the light-up event.

Thank you for visiting the Shirakawa-go Tourist Association website.
We appreciate your love of the Shirakawa-go scenery and the light-up event. Thanks for everyone’s support; we can continue.

Starting from 2019, the regulations of the light-up event will have great changes. Please read this page very carefully.

The number of tourists entering Shirakawa-go will be limited in the up-coming events.

The reservation system is used starting from 2019. All the activities need to be booked in advance. Without reservation, guests will be restricted to access the village. Please pay special attention to this rule.

Only available below now. All accommodation are fully booked.

・Self-driving guests who need the parking lot

Please proceed the booking application from here.

 First-come, first-served basis.
*Please note the tickets cannot be refunded after being purchased.

・For guests who wish to come to Shirakawa-go by light-up event by exclusively buses

Usually, the highway buses are not operated at night, but during the 2020 Shirakawa-go light-up event, the special light-up tour bus will be operated by the highway bus company. If you need to take this light-up tour bus, please make the reservation in advance.
Please check the following for details of this Shirakawa-go light-up tour bus (schedule, fee, reservation start date).

 Kaetsunou bus / Toyama Chihou tetsudou

・For customers who come to Shirakawa-go by taxi

The same apply rules apply as if you are driving your own vehicle, you require a parking permit.
There is no taxi station in the village.
To acquire a parking lot permit, please apply for the reservation at first.
After you get a parking permit, please make your taxi reservation.
Parking fee is the same as general vehicles.
We cannot assist you for a taxi or rental car reservation.
Kindly noticed: bus information will update on the 1 st October 2019.

Visit the village during daytrip on the date of light-up

*It takes about 3 hours to visit the village.
*Shuttle bus to the viewpoint is available from 9:00 am to 2:40 pm.
*If you booked parking lot, you can park from 12:00pm to 08:30pm.

【Self-driving guests】
For daytrip visitors, the viewpoint will be closed at 3:00 pm.
Without the reservation, the parking on a first come first serve basis.
All vehicles must leave the parking lot and village before 3:00pm. To the day trip visitor during the light up event days, we recommend you arrive before 12:00pm.

Be advised, based on previous years, the traffic during the event days is heavy. You may have to wait for available parking space for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

【For travel agencies which want to make tour bus parking reservation during the light-up event days】
For a day trip (tour bus) Seseragi Parking is available until 5:00 pm.
For the Light-up tour bus, reservations is required.

【For the guest who come to Shirakawa-go for a day trip by public buses】
Public buses operate as usual; however, public buses do not operate after 5:30 pm during the light-up event days. Please check your bus schedule and reservation properly. For more details and booking, please ask the bus company directly. We cannot assist you for a bus reservation.



The village is the residential area. Using drone is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be penalized.


When you come to Shirakawa-go by car, please equip your car with snow tires. 
4-wheel cars are strongly suggested. The road is covered by ice, so please drive carefully.

Reasons of Limited Access

  • To ease the congestion during the events
  • To avoid tourist falling down from the observation deck and to prevent any conflicts.
  • To avoid any chaos while distributing the admission tickets

What encourage us the most is that, the number of tourists coming to visit Shirakawa-go from all around the world has increased in a short period of time.

That is why the number of vehicles entering Shirakawa-go greatly exceeds the number of parking lots in the village. Serious traffic congestions occurred during the event dates. Moreover, some guests could not enter the village after the light-up event due to lack of parking spaces. As the highway towards the village is one-way,
inconvenience is caused to all the tourists, guests, buses, tour buses, and even to the locals.

There were also problems when distributing the admission tickets.
For example, some guests waited too long to get the admission ticket.
Some tourists could not get the ticket even though they waited in line for a long period of time.

These situations happened during the previous events.
We decided that in order to participate in this event it will be done on a reservation basis.
Thank you for your understanding.

Clothes and Weather during Light up

The light up event happens at night, please note that it is cold, humid and there might be heavy snow. The average temperature is -10°C to 0°C, and the road is frozen. We strongly recommend wearing waterproof winter clothing, antiskid boots and that you bring a flashlight with you.


When you come to Shirakawa-go by car, please equip your car with snow tires. 4-wheel cars are safer. The road is covered with ice, so please drive carefully.

Nearby Area Information

If you would like to come to Shirakawa-go by taxi or by car, the nearest areas are as follow:
・From Takayama (Gifu Prefecture) About 1 hour
・From Kanazawa City (Ishikawa Prefecture) About 1 hour and 10 minutes
・From Toyama City (Toyama Prefecture) About 1 hour and 20 minutes
Due to severe weather, the commuting time might be longer than indicated.
We cannot assist you for Taxi or rental car reservation.

Access Information from Nearby Cities to Shirakawa-go

Please click here.

For Guests who Come to Shirakawa-go for a Day Trip by Public Buses

Public buses operate as usual; however, public buses do not operate after 5:30 pm during the light-up event. Please check your bus schedule and reservation thoroughly. For more details and booking, please ask the bus company directly. We cannot assist you for a bus reservation.

Local Taxi (Hakusan) in Shirakawa-go

Hakusan Taxi does not operate during the light-up event days.
There are shuttle buses departing from the bus terminal to Hirase Onsen on the light-up event days. Reservations are required, and they are accepted one month in advance.
We can assist you for the Hirase Onsen shuttle bus reservation.

Travel Agency

No more available reservation for 2020, thank you for your understanding.

For the vehicles bigger than the micro-bus, reservation will be strictly required, and without permit you cannot enter to the village join the light up event. All passengers must have the reservation with the farmhouse /guesthouse or the restaurant in Shirakawa-go on the day of the light up event. Each farmhouse /guesthouse or restaurant has a limited number of reservations. The Shirakawa-go Winter Light up Committee (Shirakawa-go Tourist Association) is not responsible for contacting travel agencies neither booking buses.